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Cátedra Internacional Ingeniería - Nuevas tendencias en manejo y evolución de Software



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the course will provide the participants an overview of the principles, main practices and technologies involved in software evolution. besides, the course has the following specific objectives: 1. to discuss the concept of software evolution from several perspectives.
2. to cover the essential aspects, technical and managerial, of software maintenance and evolution
3. to give an overview of tools, techniques, principles, best practices and formal foundations for software evolution.

methodology: "this course will have four parts or modules. each of these modules will consist of a series of lectures and one or more practical sessions, where the students will put into practice the studied concepts and perform some maintenance tasks.
as an independent activity, the students will read, analyze and summarize research papers related to subtopics of software evolution, and discuss them in oral or written form.
additionally, students will be organized into groups to work on small software development tasks, where they will be able to practice technical and managerial aspects of software maintenance.

4. to discuss some of the open problems in the research domain of software evolution."