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Cátedra Internacional de Ingeniería - Procesos de Construcción de Buques (TP)



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this course has got, as its main objective, to offer an updated view about the management, procedures and methods to manufacture vessels. an emphasis is made on the strategies required to achieve the necessary productivity and on the use of good practices during shipbuilding. as well, a special accent is made on the way to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the naval production processes. at the end of the course, the participants will be able to handle the fundamental criteria to correctly plan, manage and execute activities related to the ship construction in the shipyards.

methodology:the course total duration is of 64 hours and it is divided in two parts: the first one is based on technical visits and some introductory conferences and, the second one is focused on theoretical issues. so, during the first week of the course, the participants will learn about the naval ship construction processes by visiting ¿astillero naval mamonal ¿ cartagena¿ and by attending the introductory conferences about the ship design and construction. during the last two weeks, the course will be focused on the conceptual and theoretical elements required for the correct planning, management and execution of the construction tasks. this part will be based on the academic lectures given at the universidad nacional ¿ bogota. the course participants will be assessed taking into account essays and technical reports.